Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.


hiking in the beautiful carpatians summer flower season
Hiking & Trekking
close up picture of la sportiva climbing shoes
guide planning the route
how to start a fire in the wilderness
Wilderness survival
photographers immortalizing the autumn colors
Wildlife photography

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group foto of climbers on a via ferrata route
hiking in the beautiful carpatians summer flower season
hiker posing in the Sambata valley located in the Fagaras mountains
morning hiker watching the sunrise near his tent
happy hikers enjoying an awesome hike
finishing the Vartopel-Arpasel ridge climb in a cloudy afternoon
couple enjoying a romantic sunset up in the mountains
camping at high altitudes near the clouds
climber getting to top of the route
shirtless climber leadclimbing in Tureni gorges
happy climber descending after finishing the route
climbing in fagaras mountains on the Romanian Matterhorn
close up picture of la sportiva climbing shoes
climber in red helmet holding on to a finger pocket
how to build a wooden trap in extrem situations
wooden shelter out in the wilderness
how to start a fire in the wilderness
cross mountain bike on a tree trunk in the mountains
biker pushing his bike through a mountain stream
cannondale mountain bike in a pine forest
three bikers on a mountain road
biker resting on a fence in Magura village in the background kings rock
cannondale biker near a lake
three mountain bikers pushing bikes next to a mountain stream
biker speeding down Transalpina
group of bikers admiring costila in bucegi mountains
biking offroad in a beautifull summer day
beautiful panorama of mountains and a lake with a biker in the center
Transfagarasan the greatest road in Romania
biker admiring the Fagaras ridge in the autumn sunset
guide planning the route
photographers immortalizing the autumn colors
picturesque village of Magura with a snowy ridge in the background
horses are grazing in a beautifull meadow
long exposure of a small waterfall in the mountains
romantic moment captured with green lensflare
lovely couple admiring the sunset in the Fagaras mountain range